Canoe Plaza


Design Wild brought our plant magic and teamed up with the Hudson Yards Hell's Kitchen Alliance to transform this block from one of the busiest, hot, concrete blocks dominated by traffic, into a flowery heaven. Nestled at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel on 37th Street and 9th Avenue, a surprising parklet oasis emerges that is lovingly referred to as the Canoe Plaza. Typically, this humble little public space is scattered with local businesspeople on lunch breaks, nearby residents enjoying the shade of a tree, or a lucky tourist who happened upon a spot to rest their feet.

Design Wild infused the space with our favorite shrubs, flowers and trees adding textures, patterns, and greenery to the busy midtown manhattan scape. Design Wild has been dedicated to bringing life to Hell's Kitchen public spaces for the last ten years, and we feel so grateful to have a hand in this constantly evolving process. We are strong believers in the positive mental and spiritual impact of these wild spaces in a city as chaotic and overwhelming as New York. 

Some of our favorite new flower friends are this funky yucca plant sending up its flowering stalk, these everblooming knock-out roses, and the forever mysterious purple smokebush. 

2019-06-04 23.05.33.jpg
2019-06-04 23.00.44.jpg
2019-06-04 22.50.07.jpg