Our personalized, sustainable and innovative designs transform any size space into a natural sanctuary. We love creating beautiful, functional gardens for our clients to spend time in that ultimately soften cityscapes with elements of nature. We use horticultural expertise and earth-friendly techniques to cultivate all types of gardens including urban, rural, edible and ornamental. Be it creating a play area, starting an edible garden, cultivating a collection of rare plants or building a backyard oasis, our designs are tailored to the individual goals, needs and style of each client.



Design Wild combines horticultural design and community engagement to bring large-scale projects to life in the New York City area. We work with developers, architectural firms, municipalities and schools to both envision and create gardens and facilitate community design. By combining our horticultural knowledge with community engagement skills, we bring together and inspire stakeholders who will interact most closely with the project. After completing the design process, we provide ongoing horticultural and organizational support.

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Design Wild’s garden maintenance services are customized to suit the unique needs of each garden, keeping plants vibrant and healthy with the changing seasons. Routine visits are provided for spring cleanup, pruning, fertilizing, weeding, pest managment, and winterization.

“Working with Design Wild has been easy and fun since the very start. They listened to our vision, and helped us adjust our vision within the limits of our garden (space, soil and sun). We now fully trust DW with every aspect of our garden. They come regularly and make sure we have a beautiful outdoor room to enjoy all season."

- Rebekah, West Village