Gowanus coworking and event space


In the midst of a industrial mix of warehouses, construction, and large infrastructure, a growing mix of startup businesses and artistic endeavors is thriving. Design Wild is thrilled to be a part of bringing a new co-working office space to life by designing and installing their backyard garden. 

This backyard space started with great spirit and some magical plants, but needed a little love and tenderness to spruce it up for coworkers to enjoy and to host events.


With our clients eager to be part of the installation, from nursery visit to laying rocks, it was a full-team effort to transform this little space.


And of course our tiniest and mightiest installation consultant rolled up her sleeves and grabbed a shovel, helping us take the garden to the finish line! 


As for our planting plan, taking into account the existing plant and stone materials, Design Wild brought functionality and color to the space with flagstones and some of our favorite plants: ancient Ginko trees that pop against the stone walls, full deep blue hydrangeas that flirt with the pop of the helianthos, and the deep hues of the hardy hibiscus plant are just a few of the special touches. 


The design also played off of the existing peculiarities of the space - the quirky planter the previous owners left behind, a metal ladder to nowhere that now is happily enwrapped with a vining climatis, and the existing ivy wall serves as a backdrop to the most exciting beds. 


We had so much fun during the installation of this space, we made a video to share how the magic happened.