Park SLope Brownstone Backyard


Nestled in a quiet brownstone block, this newly renovated backyard space was begging to be filled with meadowy flowers and blooming trees. A multi-level patio provided great bones on which to design a garden. 


Design Wild infused the design with ample perennials to provide three-season color and winter interest. We also used creative design to soften the edges and make the space safe for little ones to climb and play.  


In addition to several prominent sunny garden beds, this backyard also boasts some luscious partial shade and full shade beds, replete with our favorite combinations of rhododendrons, ferns and hostas. Smaller planters bring coziness and more fresh greenery to the relaxing bedroom terrace. 


And this dynamic garden comes alive first and foremost because the owners love and take care of it! This fall Design Wild joined their smallest family member in planting bulbs, our favorite promise that spring will come.


We look forward to continuing our design of the upstairs terraces and front stoops in years to come. Here's a sneak peak of our design.