west village rooftop i


DESIGN WILD was introduced to this rooftop in 2012 and we have been caring for it ever since. First, we made incremental additions to the plant choice and then added new containers and a little of our signature side of WILD. 

The beginning:

west village rooftop BEFORE.jpg

The space has several areas with seating for dining, lounging and sunning. These various nooks and crannies are now filled with planters and flowers.


Given that it’s a rooftop, this space benefits from full sun throughout the year, making it a perfect garden for hot sun-loving trees, perennials and lush annuals. We love the combination of the purple smoke bush paired with the variegated red-twig dogwood; the evergreen texture of a pine with the nearly ever-flowering Catnip in the foreground. The varying heights of these trees and shrubs create a border with a playfully porous edge that creates a feeling of privacy while maintiancing a connection to the city. 



During the warm summer months, Design Wild brings a splash of tropical color to the rooftop, installing Lantanas, Cannas and other tropical summer annals. These annual flowers compliment the perennial  palette with thier hot pinks, purples and oranges.