SHIT WE LOVE | The Nap Minister, #HYPlantmagic & Ms. Kristin West

In these current times, there is a great need to stay AWAKE, INSPIRED and JOYFUL. We are paying special attention to people, places, and work that lifts our spirits. Here are just a few of many:


We are currently obsessed with the nap ministry. 'The Nap Ministry is a meditation on naps as resistance. We have been working to disrupt this idea of being 'busy' all the time as capitalist bs. DISRUPT. RESIST and NAP!!' Yass. We are here for this. Not only because we love naps especially outdoor ones on blankets, beaches or in hammocks. But also because this work is deep and powerful. This is a message we all need to hear and adhere to. Follow the Nap Bishop’s amazing work here. And once more: DISRUPT. RESIST and NAP!!

We have been working on a plant treasure hunt with the Hudson Yards Hell's Kitchen Alliance and we'll be releasing the first four plants in the next few weeks. Join us at the July 11th garden tour to collect all four of our beautiful botanical postcards and search for our favorite plant friends in the wilds of Hell's Kitchen. When you find one, take a pic and tag us on IG with #HKplantmagic and we'll share your findings!

Making Hell's Kitchen and Manhattan greener every day.


We'd like to introduce our newest staff member (if you haven't already met her) the lovely Kristin West. Kristin joined us back in April and originally hails from the great big state of Texas. Ms. West has been getting down and dirty working with plants and public spaces for many years including time at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Bridge Park. Read more about Ms. West on our website and if you want to catch her smiling - just ask her about roller skate dancing!